Our goal is to offer personalized training experiences that provide freedom, flexibility, and convenience to meet the needs of our clients.


Fitnessplane recognized the challenges that busy people face in trying to make fitness a part of their daily routine, and the high demand for convenient workout options. In response, we developed an innovative solution that benefits both trainers and clients.

Fitnessplane is transforming the fitness industry by providing customizable tools that make it easy to train anytime, anywhere. Our team of skilled developers has combined expert fitness analysis with modern technology to create an effective platform for trainers to coach and interact with clients easily and confidently.

How we help

Fitnessplane provides customers with immediate access to tailored training. Our quick turnaround time and low price make it simple to get started right away with your own fitness platform.

  • Connect with clients worldwide
  • Create online training and nutrition plans
  • Customize your client’s fitness experience
  • Post online video challenges and group training events
  • Expand your overall fitness network
  • Increase revenue through e-commerce integration

Join thousands of trainers monetizing content online.