All-In-One Online Fitness Solution

Enhance your business with online personal training.

  • Use your own domain name
  • Create Free/Paid Video Challenges
  • Sell Instant Downloads and Tangible Goods
  • Sell Tickets to Group Training Events
  • Start your own fitness network



Events, Challenges & Assignments

Create online training and nutrition plans and assign them directly to your clients. Use content from our exercise video library or add your own. Post free or paid online video challenges and group training events. Utilize the built in check-in web application to sign clients in as they attend sessions.

Integrated Ecommerce

Increase your business revenue by offering in-person and online training. Ecommerce Integration allows you to sell and track access to Events, Online Video Challenges, Monthly Subscriptions, Instant Downloads and Apparel or other Tangible Goods. Your capability to reach clients worldwide gives your business the opportunity to grow exponentially.

Fitness Social Network

Clients and Trainers can:

  • Post and share progress photos

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Development Cost
$10,000+ Included
Monthly Support &
$400+per month Starting at $99per month
*support included

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