About Us

Training Made Easy
We live in a society that’s always on the go. This creates an issue among those with the desire to make fitness a part of their everyday lifestyle, and a high demand for quick, accessible workouts. Fitnessplane recognized this common problem and created an innovative solution that benefits both trainers and clients alike.
Fitnessplane is revolutionizing the fitness industry by providing customizable tools, making it convenient to train… anytime or any place. Our skilled developers paired top fitness analyses with modern technologies to design an effective platform for trainers to coach and interact with clients with ease and confidence.
Our mission is simple… to provide freedom, flexibility, and convenience that our society demands while providing one-on-one personal training experiences.
Let Us Help You
·      Connect with clients worldwide
·      Create online training and nutrition plans
·      Customize your clients fitness experience
·      Post online video challenges and group training events
·      Expand your overall fitness network
·      Increase revenue through ecommerce integration

Fitnessplane offers clients direct access to personalized training. Our fast turnaround time and affordable pricing will allow you to get your fitness platform started right away.